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Ladle slide gate,ladle insert nozzle,ladle collector nozzles C40
Technical data sheet
Brand LC-160
Max service temp.(°C) 1750
Bulk density(g/cm3) 2.86
Chemical composition(%) Al2O3 80.65
SiO2 12.16
Fe2O3 1.46
CaO 1.61
Cold crush strength(Mpa) 110°C×24h 102
1100°C×3h 136
Modulus of rupture(Mpa) 110°C×24h 13.6
1100°C×3h 13.9
permanent linear change (%) 1100°C×3h -0.2
Thermal Cond at 1200°C(W/m.k) 1.72
Water required (%) 5.0-5.5
Methood of installation Vibration

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